What happens if my insured gives me the deposit premium or an installment payment?

If you take receipt of any premiums, you are to promptly forward the payment, without deducting your commission, to the appropriate P.O. Box listed below:
The regular mailing addresses for payments for our carriers are listed below:

Star Insurance Company
P.O. Box 31130
Tampa, FL 33631-3130

Ameritrust Insurance Corp
P.O. Box 30233
Tampa, FL 33630-3233

State National Insurance Company
P.O. Box 31011
Tampa, FL 33631-3011

Williamsburg National Insurance Company
P.O. Box 31187
Tampa, FL 33631-3187

Savers Property and Casualty Insurance Co.
P.O. Box 30093
Tampa, FL 33630-3093

ProCentury Insurance Company
P.O. Box 30002
Tampa, FL 33630-3002

All overnight mail for all carriers/programs must be sent to:

CSC Mail Facility
Attn: Commercial Accounting
100 Paramount Dr Ste 100
Sarasota, FL 34232-6398
Phone: (941) 906-2153

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